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BYT Performance

There is so much talent out there that just needs that little boost to reach the next level. That’s what BYT aims to achieve.

What we do

We work with athletes and ensure that they bring out their potential to the fullest. We focus on supporting the growth of players not only in terms of their sports performance but also in terms of their sports IQ and life hygiene.


Sports performance requires building and maintaining a body that is ready to make you better and is prepared against injuries and understanding how healthy patterns make a difference.


A strong body with a weak mind will never achieve a top-level. Your mind needs to be coached just as your body does to get to your full potential.


Basketball is more than ever a game of skills. Control over your body, the ball and anticipation of the various moves on the court will make you a leader.


You know the saying: ‘A goal without a plan is just a dream’. We help make plans and achieve goals. Dreams are nice; plans are better.

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International Experience

Alex was passionate about sports and especially basketball at a young age and dedicates his time to perfecting his knowledge of sports, both at the business and at the performance level. This has led him to acquire degrees and certificates at the University of Berlin, Barcelona University and Ganon Baker, while working as a volunteer at the Antwerp Giants DP World Ladies Academy and Alba Berlin basketball club.

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